Keck Science Meeting


University of California, San Diego

September 9-10, 2021

Please go to the “Registration” page for the link to register.
In-person attendees will need to be vaccinated, as per the UC vaccine mandate. Depending on California state health guidelines for COVID-19, the in-person event may switch to all-virtual event.  

Pre Meeting – September 8, 2021: IGNIS (Immersion Grating Near Infrared Spectrograph) – more information here; register here

Pre Meeting – September 8, 2021: KAPA Annual Science Meeting – more information here; register here

Post-Meeting – September 11, 2021: Keck Science Strategic Planning – more information here; register here



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Thursday, September 9

Friday, September 10

Breakout Sessions


Science Organizing Committee

  • Quinn Konopacky, Chair (UC San Diego)
  • Dimitri Mawet, Co-Chair (Caltech)
  • David Ciardi (NExScI)
  • Jeff Chilcote (Notre Dame)
  • Deanne Fisher (Swinburne)
  • Pradip Gatkine (Caltech)
  • Marla Geha (Yale)
  • Dan Huber (UH)
  • Saurabh Jha (Rutgers) 
  • Max Millar-Blanchaer (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Joan Najita (NOIRLab)
  • Anna Nierenberg (UC Merced)
  • Kerry Paterson (Northwestern)
  • Sherry Yeh (Keck)
  • Meagan O’Shea (Keck) – LOC
  • Gwen Maley (UC San Diego) – LOC
  • Shelly Pelfrey (Keck) – LOC/Tech

Copyright (C) 2021 W. M. Keck Observatory. Photo Credits: Keck Observatory/Andrew Hara/Ethan Tweedie