Code of Conduct

At the Keck Science Meeting, we are committed to empower and respect each other, create an inclusive environment, and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual.

We will adhere to this Code of Conduct in our interactions with our colleagues and also with the community, in service of this goal.

  • This Code of Conduct applies to all Keck staff and guests (hereafter referred to as “we”), to all our communication channels (in person, in meetings, online), at all our locations (HQ, summit, while on travel), and at all Keck sponsored meetings. We also encourage staff to follow this code of conduct outside of work.
  • We conduct ourselves in a professional manner that is welcoming and inclusive, refraining from any form of disrespect, intimidation, bullying, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.
  • We treat each other with civility and respect, encouraging every voice and perspective to be heard. We recognize the contributions of others. We strive to create a supportive and collegial environment.
  • In our interactions, we refrain from discrimination based on individual characteristics such as age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, nationality, political affiliation, ability status, educational background, occupation, seniority, physical appearance, religion, or any other characteristic protected by law. Offensive or belittling comments, unwanted or unwelcomed attention and/or physical contact are explicitly prohibited.

We recognize that all of us are at different stages of awareness of our colleagues’ backgrounds and that unintentionally insensitive expressions present learning opportunities. We encourage raising awareness of such interactions and the acknowledgement of mistakes to promote growth in inclusivity.

This code of conduct is for the benefit of all and is everybody’s responsibility. Adherence to the code is the expectation in our workplace. We encourage everyone to speak up in defense of anybody experiencing any form of harassment. Violations of this code of conduct can also be reported to the person in charge (meeting leader, manager, project leads), or via this form.