This year’s Keck Science Meeting will be held at UC San Diego’s Faculty Club.

Directions to the Ida & Cecil Green Faculty Club


The closest parking lot to the Faculty Club is the Scholars Parking Structure.  This parking structure is under ground, under Mosaic Hall, on Muir Lane

The lot can be accessed off of Torrey Pines Road, by turning left onto Muir College Drive if you are heading south, or by turning right on Scholars Dr South if you are heading North.  When you enter the structure, head to the bottom two levels where the spaces are unmarked.

Park in any unmarked space.  Then, head to a parking kiosk and follow these steps:  1.  Enter the license plate number of your car.  2.  Select the amount of time you want to park for (head to more options to get to “All Day”). 3.  The kiosk will then ask if you have a department code.  Hit “yes”. 4.  Type in 22366654.  This will by-pass the need for a credit card payment 5.  Take your receipt for your records.  Note:  The Park Mobile app will NOT work with this code for our meeting.  You must use the kiosk.

Walking and Transit:

It is a 35 minute walk (~1.7 miles) from the Marriott La Jolla to the faculty club.  Several buses have a stop at La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee Avenue, near the Marriott (https://www.sdmts.com/https://gonctd.com/maps-schedules/schedules/).  Every bus that stops at the La Jolla Village and Genesse goes to the main UCSD campus bus stop, on Gilman and Myers.  From the bus stop, it is about a 5 minute walk to the Faculty Club.  The bus fair is $2.50.  Alternatively, Uber and Lyft both operate extensively around campus and it is usually easy to secure a ride.

COVID Information:

For those attending in person, please note that UC is requiring all persons to be vaccinated.  To ensure we are meeting their guidelines, if you are attending in person, please ensure that you have proof of vaccination with you at the workshop if needed for review.  Please see UCSD’s policy on this vaccine mandate.   We will also be following UCSD’s social distancing and mask policies for this event.


We have special pricing on a block of room at the San Diego Marriott La Jolla.  Please use this link to access the special pricing.

You can also access other UCSD lodging options here.