Keck Science Meeting 2022 – Caltech Campus

The Codes to Everything!

Keck Science Meeting MAIN Link  – https://bit.ly/2022ksm 

Day 1 – September 15 Breakout Sessions

Day 2 – September 16 Breakout Sessions

Conference Attendee Instructions for Connecting to the Caltech Wireless Network

Attendees with Access.Caltech should connect to ‘Caltech Secure’ or ‘Caltech BeaverNet’.
You now have access to the Caltech Wireless network. Once connected, please open a web browser and go to any web page (such as www.caltech.edu).
You’ll be redirected to a splash screen that will ask for a username and password.

Your credentials are as follows:
Network Name: ‘Caltech Conference’ or ‘Caltech Visitor’
Username: kasm
Password: pmacahill100

You may need to login again if your computers goes to sleep.
Access to this Network will begin on 09/14/2022, and be deactivated Midnight 09/16/2022.
Attendees may also join the ‘eduroam’ Network, if their Home Institution participates.
A recent feature in some web browsers called OCSP can prevent you from successfully connecting to the Caltech Conference Network. If this feature is available, it should be turned off.

We recommend using the Chrome Browser from Google as it does not use OCSP. If you do not have Chrome installed you may try to get a copy via USB, or do a search on how to Disable OCSP for your browser.

There are also some browser extensions available that will prevent the authentication screen from appearing such as ‘HTTPS Everywhere’.
These should be disabled for access.

Area hotels: